A Year in Ruffview

Here's a recap of what we've been up to this year… A Year in Ruffview! 

In 2013, Blue Dog Bakery donated over 1,500 cases (that's 6,000 boxes) of treats to 395 organizations throughout the US and Canada. These treats were sent to shelters, breeders, and organizations to use in fundraisers such as auctions, raffles, and even specialty shows. We have a "Say Yes" policy to all donation requests for all pet-related fundraising events. Reach out to Maleah@BlueDogBakery.com to get your event on the schedule!

January 2013

There was not a lot to report on in the new year. Other than adorable Guinevere, our first Blue Dog of the Month in 2013, we didn't have much going on. But we had oodles of things planned for the upcoming months. Don't you worry! Read on…..



February 2013

Our Blue Dog of the Month in February was Cotton, an Albino Hound mix who is deaf and blind. He certainly deserved those treats!



March 2013

March brought some exciting new products to the light of day! New this month were our Pumpkin Treats and Assorted Paws. These two items are exclusive to pet specialty stores, so head over to your local PetSmart to pick yours up today! 

This month we also wrapped up our first year of Pet Treat Pantry, a partnership between Blue Dog Bakery, food banks across the country, and you. This program allows our consumers to register codes found on specialty marked bags of Blue Dog Bakery in order to donate a box of treats to one of five food banks. By the end of the program in March, we had donated 2.5 TONS of treats. 

March also brought us Harley, a white Engligh Bulldog, Mastiff mix.




April 2013

This month, we got our treats in one of the biggest retailers in the country - Target. Not only was this great for us, it's also great for you. While some consumers might not be near a grocery store that carries our treats, most of us are a fairly short distance away from a Target. It's now easier than ever for you to buy our treats. Just look for the giant, red bullseye!

Our Blue Dog(s) of the Month were Lance, Gabby, Owen, and Chloe, an undeniable quartet!

Also in April, Blue Dog hired a new Order Processing & Commission Analyst, Shannon Schiernbeck.


May 2013

As of May 2013, we finally (finally!) have an upgraded, revamped website and, with that came our relaunched web store! You can now purchase single boxes or full cases of each one of our products, read nutritional information, and even take advantage of some pretty amazing promotions each month. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the top of our shop page to be the first to hear about sales on certain items. 

Our Blue Dog of the Month in May was adorable Sammy, who was adopted from her local shelter.




June 2013

Our only news in June is Blue Dog of the Month, Stanley. This boy was a rescue dog who now loves to go hikiing in Seattle!







July 2013

InJuly, Blue Dog Bakery welcomed a new Sales & Marketing Specialist, Maleah Coats.

Our Blue Dog of the Month in July was the festive, Chance Cletus!






August 2013

Our Blue Dog of the Month in August is wate-loving, Abby. Abby was rescued when she was 1-year old.




September 2013

Blue Dog Bakery launched Pet Treat Pantry for the 2nd year in September! We're off to a good start, with 107 pounds of treats donated to food banks so far. Be sure to check out our Pet Treat Pantry page to learn more about this amazing program and how you can contribute. 

Our Blue Dog of the Month in September was sweet Toby.

We also welcomed Belen Hart, our newest Order Processing Specialist. 





October 2013

October was an exciting month, both for us and for small pet shop owners nationwide, when we launched our online wholesale shop. Independently owned pet specialty stores now have the ability to make orders directly from us at a fraction of the cost and resell the items to their own customers. The process is super simple: create a login, choose your products, and save 10% on your first order. Be sure to check out our Wholesale Shop today. 

Our Blue Dog of the Month in October was Charlie, a Rott-Hound from the sunny state of Florida!






November 2013

In November we said hello to our Blue Dog of the Month, Libby. Isn't that face too sweet??




December 2013

We ended the year with some another quartet of Blue Dogs! Sydney, Penny, Sheldyn, and Kaley ended our year on the cutest note possible!




There you have it! Our Blue Dog Year in Ruffview. Keep coming back for more in 2014 - we've got lots in store. From new products (yes!) to new Blue Dogs and more.

Happy New Year, Blue Dog Fans!