Dogs & Their Owners: A Strange Resemblance

Have you ever noticed that curly-haired woman in the park who seems to share an uncanny resemblance with her Cocker Spaniel counterpart? Or how that beanpole of a gentleman and his Greyhound not only have the same build, but also the same awkward strut? We've all been in that head-scratching situation wondering to ourselves "Why do pets and their owners always look alike?"
As it turns out, there is actually some truth to it.

Scientists have discovered that pure-bred dogs and their owners really do tend to resemble one another in a LOT of instances! Wait… what? Back up a minute. Why and how does this happen? The answer seems to be quite simple. According to the studies performed, selecting a four-legged friend is done largely on the basis of shared traits and attributes. Okay, that makes sense. But the really amazing part is that the similarities between pet and owner may even extend to personality traits! Just as humans choose companionship from other humans who possess similar attributes, the same could quite possibly be applied when selecting your furry friends.

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