Bark in the Park: April 25, 2015

"On April 25th we were honored to be invited back to be a part of the tenth year celebration of the Bark in the Park Top Dog Festival located in the scenic countryside of Historic Rural Hill in Huntersville, North Carolina.  It was an absolute delight to see some familiar furry faces and their owners that we befriended during last year’s festival.  We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet a number of young, energetic hopefuls just as eager to show off their skills in various competitions offered throughout the day. 

No dog was left out with so many competitions to choose from!  Whether they were top dog at long jumping, obstacle courses or a pro at catching a Frisbee, winners were found in abundance.  There were also competitions for smallest, tallest, largest and of course cutest dog!  Let’s not forget “Best in Costume” and everyone’s favorite, “Owner Look-A-Like!”   The owners also got to be involved in the agility competitions where they completed obstacle courses together which offered the opportunity to show how well they work as a team with their pet and how much fun they have while bonding and exercising.  Our young dog owners also got a chance to shine as they walked across the main stage with their dogs in “Best Trick” competition.

Later in the afternoon was a fun contest of “Toss and Catch” sponsored by Blue Dog Bakery and we couldn’t be more proud that the winner was one of our loyal Peanut Butter & Molasses treat loving fans, a pug named Bernard!  Now we all know what gave that lil’ guy the extra energy to take home the win! 

The dog that took home the main title win of “Top Dog 2015” was a beautiful Dalmatian named Godiva.  While everyone was taking pictures of Godiva and her owner in the winner’s circle we got a chance to introduce ourselves.  Her owner was quick to announce that she was already very familiar with Blue Dog Bakery as we are Godiva’s favorite and only treat provider!  Godiva and her family made a point to come by our booth before leaving for the day and we were super excited to have the star attraction make time for us and for her owners to praise our product!

With all of the excitement and fun filled moments, nothing compared to the time we got to spend with each of our furry friends as they and their families visited our booth.  We loved hearing stories of how since trying Blue Dog Bakery treats, these dogs were not willing to settle for any other brand and were dedicated to our product because of the great taste and quality ingredients.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to get a big hug from an owner and a sincere thank you for caring for the health and wellbeing of their dog as much as they do."

Leslie Rodden, Lead Brand Ambassador