Best Dog Instagram Accounts

Life can get stressful, tiring, and boring - sometimes you need something to brighten up your day. Well, meet these adorable dogs from all over the world! These dogs earned their fame by spreading happiness and absolute cuteness to Instagram users worldwide.

Here are just some of Instagram's four-legged celebrities:

Maru - matutaro

One of the most famous dogs on Instagram, Maru is a Shiba-inu living in Japan. His favorite activities are smiling and napping. With over 960K followers, Maru has appeared on Japanese television and even has his own photo book. 

Tuna - tunameltsmyheart

Meet Tuna, the most famous "Chiweenie" (cross between Chihuahua and Dachshund) on the Internet! He started out as an abandoned dog on the side of the road, but now he spreads joy and laughter to his 920K fans on a daily basis. 

Brazilian Bulldog Family - jmarcoz

Come look at the happiest Bulldog family on Instagram! This Brazilian Instagram user stole the hearts of dog lovers by posting pictures of her Bulldogs being just too adorable. After glancing at her photos, you'll sure to love Bulldogs and follow her account!

Ginny - ginny_jrt

Don't mistake her as a stuffed animal! This is Ginny, a Jack Russell living in the United Kingdom. Napping and bacon is her definition of happiness. Take a look at her napping photos - they are priceless!

Muu - ayasakai

Instagram user ayasakai captured the world's attention when she posted a picture of her son, Tasuku, and his best friend, a French Bulldog named Muu. These pictures just prove that a man's best friend is a dog! Since then, over 500K followers have fallen in love with the two of them. Everyone envies a friendship as deep as the one between Tasuku and Muu.