Creating a Dog-Friendly Backyard

Dogs LOVE to spend their time outside. As a parent of four-legged babies, you can provide the place and environment for your dogs to play freely in your own backyard. However, make sure you provide them with the basic essential needs. Here are just some tips you should think of when you are planning out your backyard. Whether you have an active dog or a lazy dog, keeping your backyard dog-friendly is the key to living with a happy and healthy dog.

The Essentials

First is the fence. Putting up a strong, stable fence will not only give boundaries for your dogs, but will also keep your dogs safe. Make sure they are not able to dig around or under the fence. We all love our dogs, and we would never want them to run away or get hurt. 


Next is shade. Most dogs enjoy sleeping in the sun, but establishing a shaded area will prevent your dogs from getting sunburned. Simply clearing out an area under the tree will be enough shade for your dog to spend time relaxing under.


Finally, do not forget about water. Whether it is a simple clean water bowl or a fancy running fountain, access to clean, fresh water is the most important feature. Just like humans, dogs can also become dehydrated without proper amounts of water. 



There are few cautions doggie parents must be aware of. The biggest one is toxic substance. Weed killers and certain types of fertilizers may contain chemicals that are harmful for your dogs. While we may not notice - because we do not eat grass or flowers in our yard - some dogs will nibble on plants outside. Try to limit the number of chemicals you use, and if chemicals are necessary, choose organic options. 


Just for Fun

Now that we have talked about the essentials and the caution, why not dream a little? Here are some dogtastic  ideas people came up with to transform their normal backyard into a dog's dream environment. (via Pinterest)

How about a peek of the outside world?








A pawsome water fountain?







How about going on an adventure through a tunnel?






This is not a normal dog house; it's a dog mansion!









And lastly, why not get a private doggie pool?