Event Recap: Furry 5k on June 8, 2014

On June 8, 2014, Blue Dog Bakery attended the Furry 5K event in Seattle, Washington. Our lovely Brand Ambassador, Wendy Marshall, did a wonderful job of recapping the day for us!

"The day was cool and beautiful for the 15th Annual Seattle Furry 5K Fun Run and Walk event held at Seward Park on June 8, 2014.

Thousands of pet owners and pet lovers came with their dogs to raise money for a worthy cause and they got to have fun while doing it. It was an awesome experience to see all of the support. Dogs came to the event in everything from colorful bandanas and sunglasses to riding in backpacks and strollers. 

The ‘On-The-Go-Pack’ received in the attendees racing goodie bags made them want to pick up more Blue Dog Bakery treats at our booth. True to our word, the tasty all-natural healthy Blue Dog Bakery treats were irresistible. With the $1 off coupon, they could purchase their new favorite treats in 8 stores around the Puget Sound.

We met many people who would simply not allow their dogs to try anything else but Blue Dog Bakery. Loyal for life! They were happy to talk about their challenges in finding the perfect treats. One of our favorite moments was when a very feisty finicky eater tried the soft peanut butter flavored Softie. He devoured it, then couldn’t get enough, then jumped on the table to find more.

Seattleites love their pets and love to have fun! Our booth was situated right under a tree so it was a great place to hang out, try new dog treats and meet new friends. Everyone enjoyed being caught up in the hubbub of excitement, and to discover Blue Dog Bakery is made right here in Seattle. There was even greater excitement knowing that they could sign up for our newsletter, receive more coupons, and win a year’s worth of yummy treats.

It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed every person and every dogs’ company. Everyone that came to our booth absolutely loved Blue Dog Bakery and they all left the event well primed with new treats to share with their furry friends."

 - Wendy Marshall, Blue Dog Bakery Brand Ambassador