Mighty Texas Dog Walk: Event Recap

"Well, another great year has come for The Mighty Texas Dog Walk in Austin and who was there to help spread the word that healthy dogs are happy dogs? None other than Blue Dog Bakery! Though the early morning was quite challenging due to the wind, that didn't stop the local Austinites from coming out with their dogs to show love and support for pooches of all types. If you've never been to Austin, TX come out and see it y'all!  Oh, and bring your dog!! This extremely dog friendly city has such beautiful greenery and parks to enjoy much like at the Auditorium Shores near Ladybird Lake where this year's event was held.

This year there were two dog shows held where instructors were doing Frisbee tricks with the animals and also giving tips on how to turn your doggie into a Frisbee master. Blue Dog Bakery was a big hit as always! We passed out treat samples, coupons and all sorts of gifts to our dog loving Texans. It seemed as if almost every customer who has a dog and has tried a Blue Dog Bakery product loves them! As for some of this year's new comers who haven't heard of Blue Dog, they loved that the treats are all natural and look forward to their pets trying the samples we gave them. The greatest compliment of all is hearing how much the dogs eat them and which are their favorites. Since there are so many varieties, from crunchy to soft and small to large... we get to hear so many different favorites from different owners. The newly launched Deli Sticks were a hit as well! Austinites love their healthy, vegetarian options, but the new beef treats were a pleasant surprise to many of the customers who stopped by the booth.

As much as we love to know the mutts had a great day at the park, it was great fun for the people as well! We broke a Guinness record for heaviest ball of fur which hadn’t happened for a few years, and were able to groom hundreds of dogs in the process. They also had music playing, raffles and other prize giveaways along with gifts galore from local businesses and shelters. Austin does a great job promoting pet health and Blue Dog Bakery is proud to help right alongside with them. Each year seems to be more unique and special and we always will look forward to The Mighty Texas Dog Walk in Austin as well as other events like these across the nation."