Our Top Picks for Pet Halloween Costumes

With one of our favorite holidays just around the corner, we couldn't resist the urge to sccour the web for the most adorable (and hilarious) dog Halloween costumes of the year. We must say - we are pretty doggon' impressed by the energy that some folks put into their pets' costumes. But hey, at least people like us get a little amusement out of it, right? 

Below are some of our favorites this year - the ones that had us in stiches from laughing so hard, the ones that amazed us by how much thought was put into the costume, and the ones that we thought were so adorable there was no way we couldn't include them in our post.

So here you have it. Our Top Dog Halloween Costumes of 2014. Enjoy!

1. Alligator Dog

While a little gruesome, the idea is pretty hilarious, you must admit.







2. Bunny Dog

This one seriously made us say "Awwwwwww!" a million times.


3. Gnome Dog

He has the white beard and everything. It's just too darn perfect.


4. Old Golfer Dog

Seriously!? This is one of the funniest costumes we've seen. It looks like it fits his personality too perfectly!


5. Game of Thrones Dog(s)

There are some serious Game of Thrones addicts out there. These pups are giving John Snow a run for his money.


6. Lion Dog

Honestly, we think any dog dressed up like another animal is hysterical. But this lion takes the cake.


7. Minion Dog

Everyone wants to be a minion this year. We get it, dog. We get it.


8. Ninja Turtle Dog

The turtles have made a comeback in recent years. 2014 is no exception.


9. Sesame Street Dog

One of our favorite childhood shows EVER. How could we not include Big Bird in our list?!


10. Winnie the Pooh Dog

This dog's face is even funnier than the costume. The poor thing can't wait to escape!


There you have it! We'd love to see some of your dogs in their costumes this year!! Email your pictures to BlueDog@BlueDogBakery.com for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page!