Stocking Stuffers for the Dogs!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Howlidays, everyone! 

We're wrapping up yet another great year here at Blue Dog Bakery and want to do something extra special for our biggest supporters…. our dogs, of course! Sure, they get treated the whole year 'round (they do hang out at a dog treat company all week long), but they're like children to us and we think they deserve to partake in the holiday fun! Just like children, their excitement sure does show when they see wrapping paper to tear into. And unlike children, the wig-wagging of the tail tells us just how happy they are! 
Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas we have for our beloved fur babies this year! 
Santa Paws: 
Okay, this one is obvious. It's our seasonal gingerbread flavored dog treat and the pups sure love them! They get the occasional Santa Paw here and there, but now we plan on giving them their own special bag all for themselves!! 

Chew Toys: 
We have some dogs here who love the rope chew toys, some love the ones with little squeakers inside, some love tennis balls, and some are happy just chewing on their leashes. Regardless of their favorite object to gnaw on, they will all be getting fresh toys! We can see (and hear) the excitement now! 
New Leashes:
A lot of wear and tear happens to a leash within a year so Christmas is the perfect time to start over with a new one. Our dogs love a new leash, but perhaps the biggest gift is letting them go leash-free for a few days at the end of the year (indoors only). Can you imagine the freedom they must feel?! 
There you have it! A fool-proof list of goodies to stuff in your dogs' stockings this year. Treats, toys, leashes. Where can you possibly go wrong?? 
*For more fun Christmas ideas, check out PetSmart's Holiday Pin-speration board on Pinterest. Adorable!