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Dogs LOVE to spend their time outside. As a parent of four-legged babies, you can provide the place and environment for your dogs to play freely in your own backyard. However, make sure you provide them with the basic essential needs. Here are just some tips you should think of when you are planning out your backyard. Whether you have an active dog or a lazy dog, keeping your backyard dog-friendly is the key to living with a happy and healthy dog.

The Essentials

First is the fence. Putting up a strong, stable fence will not only give boundaries for your dogs, but will also keep your dogs safe. Make sure they are not able to dig around or under the fence. We all love our dogs, and we would never want them to run away or get hurt. 


Next is shade. Most dogs enjoy sleeping in the sun, but establishing a shaded area will prevent your dogs from getting sunburned. Simply clearing out an area under the tree will be enough shade for your dog to spend time relaxing under.


Finally, do not forget about water. Whether it is a simple clean water bowl or a fancy running fountain, access to clean, fresh water is the most important feature. Just like humans, dogs can also become dehydrated without proper amounts of water. 



There are few cautions doggie parents must be aware of. The biggest one is toxic substance. Weed killers and certain types of fertilizers may contain chemicals that are harmful for your dogs. While we may not notice - because we do not eat grass or flowers in our yard - some dogs will nibble on plants outside. Try to limit the number of chemicals you use, and if chemicals are necessary, choose organic options. 


Just for Fun

Now that we have talked about the essentials and the caution, why not dream a little? Here are some dogtastic  ideas people came up with to transform their normal backyard into a dog's dream environment. (via Pinterest)

How about a peek of the outside world?








A pawsome water fountain?







How about going on an adventure through a tunnel?






This is not a normal dog house; it's a dog mansion!









And lastly, why not get a private doggie pool?
















We've taken some time to put together a few of our favorite pet blogs from the web for you to enjoy! These bloggers provide everything from pet tips, to DIY projects, to doggy deals & steals! 

Take a look at our list below and let us know what you think.

1. Sew Doggy Style

Sew Doggy Style specializes in adorable DIY projects for your pets. We can't get enough of the stylish DIY leashes, collars, and accessories this site has to offer. Currently being featured: Doggy Bunny Ears!!


2. Doggie Buddy

Full of product reviews, tips & tricks, dog facts, buying guides, contests, and more, Doggie Buddy is a catch-all blog for dog lovers! 


3. Dog Tipper

Featuring a new "Adoptable Dog of the Day" every day, product reviews, book recommendations, and upcoming doggy events, Dog Tipper has become one of the most well-known doggy blogs on the web. You can even browse through DIY dog food and treat recipes! 

4. Woof Woof Mama

With pet deals and coupons, product reviews, and giveaways galore, Woof Woof Mama is the blog spot to go when you're looking for a great pet bargain. They even do special blog posts for holidays - featuring free items, book downloads, diy projects, and more! 


The snow is falling, the stockings are hung, there is a certain magic looming in the air - the holiday season is upon us. Not only is this the time of year we tend to bake more, eat more (a lot more), and shop more, but it's also a time when everyone wants to reveal their inner-artist. Thanks to sites like Pinterest, giving out DIY presents has become an easy way for many of us to save money… and have a little fun while doing it! 

With all that money you're saving, why not go ahead and make something extra for the pets in your life? We've found some fun and easy (and cheap) holiday crafts for you to make for all those lucky fur-babies in your lives. 

Personalized Wooden Dog Bone Ornaments

This adorable DIY dog bone ornament can be made with only a few supplies: Dog bone wood cutouts (or something as sturdy), acrylic paint, drill (or hammer and nail), hemp twine or craft wire, round thin paint brush, and a pencil and scissors. 

Step One: Create holes in the wood cutout using your drill (or hammer and nail). Be sure the hole is big enough for your twine or wire to fit through.

Step Two: Paint the bone using an acrylic paint color of your choice.

Step Three: Using a pencil, sketch the name or word onto your patented bone. Make sure you wait until it is dry!

Step Four: Using your paint brush, trace over your penciled letters with paint.

Step Five: Add any extra flair you would like to your dog bones (polka dots, lines, etc) with your paint brush or a toothpick.

Step Six: Attach your twine or wire to your completed ornament.

Step Seven (optional): Use your completed dog bone ornament as an embellishment on a gift bag of dog bones or simply hang it on your Christmas tree! 

To see step by step photos, check out the Crafts Unleashed website.

Dog Paw Stocking

Every dog needs his very own stocking hung by the fireplace! The giant paw print on this DIY stocking will surely let Santa know to fill it with lots of treats and tennis balls. Don't let this project intimidate you - you don't need to own a sewing machine for this one! Pick up the following supplies: 

  • 2 pieces light tan faux fur (or color of your choice) - 24x13 inches
  • 2 pieces dark tan faux fur (or color of your choice) - 24x13 inches
  • Sheet of dark brown felt - 9x12 inches
  • Long sewing pins
  • Large-eye sewing needle
  • Dark brown embroidery floss
  • Clear tape
  • 9 inches of tan twist cord

Step One: Download the dog paw stocking pattern here.

Step Two: Cut 1 paw shape from each piece of the light and dark furs so you have 4 paw shapes total. 

Step Three: Cut paw pads from the brown felt

Step Four: Pin the paw pads to the furry side of a dark tan paw and use the floss to whipstitch the pads in place. (See the Spoonful website for photo reference)

Step Five: Pin the 4 paws with the dark tank paws on the outside, furry sides out, and the light tan paws on the inside, furry sides in. 

Step Six: Using the floss, whipstitch around the edges, sewing the pads together. Leave the top edges unsewn. 

Step Seven: At the top, sew together the front two edges, then the back two edges. 

Step Eight: Fold down the top to make a cuff.

Step Nine: Tape the ends of the cord to keep them from fraying, then sew the cord to the stocking for hanging. 

To see step by step photos, check out the Spoonful website

There you have it! Two doggon' fun craft ideas for the lucky canines in your lives. 

If you have any other fun Doggy DIY crafts you would like to see featured on our blog, please email