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Spring is approaching and that means a few things - sun, blooming of flowers/plants, and allergies. While we often think of allergies in humans, sometimes we forget that our dogs can get allergies as well!

Spring allergies in dogs are often similar to Hay Fever, which can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Persistently itchy skin
  • Scratching/biting at skin to get relief
  • Open sores and infections from persistent scratching
  • Sneezing

Tips that may provide relief:

  • If you suspect that your dog has seasonal allergies, always speak with your vet. S/he will be able to diagnose your dog accordingly. 
  • Your vet can often prescribe oral/topical medications, such as antihistamines. 
  • Oral fatty acids made for dogs can often help soothe skin from the inside out. These can be found in both pill and liquid form. 
  • Frequent bathing with soothing shampoos made for sensitive skin. 
  • Removing your dog from the allergen is key. 
    • If you have found that your pooches skin gets irritated whenever s/he goes outside alone, make sure they aren't rolling around to help decrease symptoms significantly.

Best of luck providing relief for your beloved pooch!