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We've taken some time to put together a few of our favorite pet blogs from the web for you to enjoy! These bloggers provide everything from pet tips, to DIY projects, to doggy deals & steals! 

Take a look at our list below and let us know what you think.

1. Sew Doggy Style

Sew Doggy Style specializes in adorable DIY projects for your pets. We can't get enough of the stylish DIY leashes, collars, and accessories this site has to offer. Currently being featured: Doggy Bunny Ears!!


2. Doggie Buddy

Full of product reviews, tips & tricks, dog facts, buying guides, contests, and more, Doggie Buddy is a catch-all blog for dog lovers! 


3. Dog Tipper

Featuring a new "Adoptable Dog of the Day" every day, product reviews, book recommendations, and upcoming doggy events, Dog Tipper has become one of the most well-known doggy blogs on the web. You can even browse through DIY dog food and treat recipes! 

4. Woof Woof Mama

With pet deals and coupons, product reviews, and giveaways galore, Woof Woof Mama is the blog spot to go when you're looking for a great pet bargain. They even do special blog posts for holidays - featuring free items, book downloads, diy projects, and more! 


We've found yet another way that pets are even more like your children than you might have realized. Dogs, like kids, adopt a "look and learn" approach, which basically means they will mimic human actions when going about their daily canine tasks.

Biologists and psychologists at Vienna and Oxford universities designed and conducted research experiments to test the theory that dogs have the ability to copy what they see. They did this using a simple wooden box, 10 dogs and their owners, and a treat reward. Owners demonstrated to their dogs how to open the wooden box, sometimes using their hands to push a handle and sometimes using their heads. 

Five dogs were rewarded with a piece of sausage for copying and the other five were rewarded for not copying their owners' actions. They repeated this action hundreds of times and recorded the time taken for a dog to do the task correctly 85% of the time. The dogs encouraged to copy their owners reached this percentage three times sooner than those rewarded for not copying them. 

In the second part of the test, all dogs were rewarded for mirroring their owners' behavior. The five who were doing this the second time around reached the 85% mark twice as quickly as the other five. 

The study's results indicated that dogs are subject to automatic imitation. They cannot help but to mirror the actions they see. Even further, the results "suggest that the imitative behavior of dogs is shaped more by their developmental interactions with humans then by their evolutionary history of domestication." 

A dog's tendency to copy human behavior is very much like that of a child. It is how they learn right from wrong and how to adopt similar behavior patterns. 

Be on your best behavior. Your dog is watching and silently taking notes! 

Source: The Telegraph


National Dog Week is about more than doting on your pet (although this is also encouraged). It's about celebrrating dogs all over the world, educating dog owners of their responsibilities, helping those that need help, and loving the ones that are close to you. There are several ways you can get involved or help out during National Dog Week's 74th year, running this year from September 22-28. Here are a few ways to show support to you four-legged canine friends in your area:

  • Adopt a dog from a local pet shelter
  • Donate money, food, or treats to rescue organizations
  • Read up on proper dog care, from feeding to grooming
  • Organize a doggy meetup at the local dog park
  • Volunteer for dog walking services
  • Learn more about obedience training 
  • Educate your children on how to care for their pet
  • Research dog events that might be taking place in your community and show your support
  • Write a letter to your Congressman asking that he/she support the ban of Puppy Mills in your state
  • Pamper your pooch

Blue Dog Bakery celebrates dogs year-round. Check out our community events calendar to see upcoming organizations and events we are providing donations for! 

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