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Happy Earth Day! Those of you with fur-babies can have an even bigger impact on our environment than you might think! Help to lower the carbon footprint and paint the world green by taking the opportunity to partake in a few (or all) of the following Earth Day activities with your pet. 

  • Using biodegradable plastic bags instead of plastic bags when picking up dog waste will help to minimize the amount of plastic in our landfills. 

  • Cut down on paper products to clean up accidents and spills around the house. Use rags or recycled paper towels instead. 

  • Read up on your pet's waste, including it's dangers, benefits, how it affects the environment, and whether or not you should compost your dog's waste.

  • Use natural flea control. In fact, go chemical free with everything from household cleaning products to pet shampoos. Look for products that do not contain any harmful pesticides and chemicals or consider using vinegar and water for your cleaning needs. 

  • Put your dog on a natural diet. Eating natural products that are free of preservatives and animal by-products is better for your dog's health and the planet. Definitely avoid meat by-products and corn meal, two of the bigger offenders, when searching for dog foods and treats. 

  • Organize a dog park clean-up. This eHow article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to organize a neighborhood cleanup and would likely work just as well for your dog park.

  • Buy in bulk, and, if you feed your pet canned food, get the biggest sized cans. Cutting down on all that packaging will also be more cost-efficient for you! And please, please, please recycle! 

  • Spay and neuter your pets to help reduce the epidemic of pet overpopulation. If you're thinking getting a new pet, consider rescuing from your local animal shelter to help reduce the carbon footprint!

How are you and your pets celebrating Earth Day? Drop us a quick email or send a photo to


It's beginning to look a lot like bug season. Creepy, crawly critters are making their ways out of the ground, into our homes and, unfortunately, embedding in our pets' fur. There are a lot of precautions you can take to prevent pests from invading, but sometimes you're just too late. 

Below are some natural and healthy tips & tricks for keeping pests away from your pets. And if they've already found their way in and made themselves at home, we've also included some pointers on how to nip those pesky vermin in the bud. 

1. Dissuade ants with vinegar. 

To keep the ants away from your dog's bowl (and any other food surface in the house), spray the surrounding area of the bowl with a 50/50 mixture of water and white distilled vinegar. 

2. Prevent fleas with rosemary. 

To avoid having a flea problem, try this methods before the problem arises. 

Make a rosemary tea by adding one teaspoon of rosemary to a pint of near-boiling water and bring the mixture to a simmer. Remove it from the heat and allow it to cool until it is at room temperature. Next, wash your dog with his normal shampoo and rinse. Use the rosemary tea as a final rinse to discourage fleas from taking up space on your dog. Plus it's a flea prevention technique that smells beautiful! 

3. Kill fleas with shampoo, water, or even banana peels. 

Using your dog's regular shampoo, give him a bath and leave the shampoo on a few minutes longer than normal to help smother any fleas on his coat. If your dog is patient enough, you could also have him sit in a tub of water for a few minutes afterward. Many fleas hang out around the tail area and by submerging his body in the water for so long, the fleas will drown. 

If you have any old bananas lying around, peel them before you throw them out and use the peels as a chemical-free way to rid your pet of fleas. Potassium kills fleas so all you have to do is simply toss a few old banana peels on the floor and let the potassium do the trick! If your dog tries to eat the peels or if you have small children, you can even tuck the peels away and this home remedy will still be pretty effective. 

4. Clean, clean, clean. 

Spraying or washing your dog to get rid of fleas might not be enough. You'll want to remove the fleas from your house, as well. 

One of the best ways to control fleas is by vacuuming frequently. You will not only suck up any live fleas, but also their eggs. And make sure you empty the vacuum immediately afterward and take it outside! 

In addition to vacuuming a few times per week, you should also be washing your dog's bedding at least once a week (or more if you have a very flea-prone dog!). Add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the rinse to keep new fleas away. 

5. Use chemical-free products. 

If you have tried every home remedy in the book and your pet is still swarming with bugs, look into a natural and chemical-free way to keep fleas at bay. Diatomaceous Earth is a crushed rock powder that contains fossilized remains of diatoms, a hard-shelled algae. The powder has the ability to absorb lipids from insects, causing them to dehydrate. 

While wearing a filter mask and keeping the dog inside, sprinkle this powder in the yard where your dog likes to hang out. 

There you have it. A few safe and easy ways to keep pests away from your homes and your pets this season! If you have any other DIY tips for future blog posts, please email them to me at and I'll see if I can work in some of your ideas!


Here at Blue Dog Bakery, we love any excuse to celebrate our pets. What better way to celebrate our pooches than an entire month dedicated to them? National Pet Month was developed to celebrate responsible pet ownership and the human-animal bond we all share with our pets.

Here are some fun ideas of how you too can celebrate National Pet Month with us:

  • Take a moment to evaluate your dog's carbon paw print and actively reduce it.
    • Use grooming products that use natural ingredients instead of harmful chemicals that can harm your dog and the environment.
    • Use biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags to clean up after your dog.
    • Purchase your dog's food and treats from companies that use sustainable practices, natural ingredients, and recyclable materials.
    • Purchase toys made out of recyclable materials.
    • Spay/neuter your pet to keep the number of homeless dogs as low as possible.
  • Thinking of getting a new dog?
    • Consider adopting one from a local rescue or shelter. There are many pets out there waiting to find a loving home!
    • Click here to find the nearest rescues and shelters to you.
  • Do a simple home health check with your pet to make sure that s/he is in good health.
    • Click here for a list.
    • Always consult your vet if you feel your dog is not well.