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Canines everywhere are eagerly anticipating the 9th celebration of National Dog Day on August 26, 2013. It's a day to scratch their bellies just a little bit longer, to throw the ball just a little bit further, and to slip one or two extra treats into their big, slobbery mouths. We're sure your furry friends are well aware of the adoration you have for them, but this year try thinking outside of the doghouse and doing something extra special for your best pal. We've come up with a few great ideas to satisfy dogs of all kinds - the athletic type, the diva dog, the couch potato, even the energizer doggy who just never quits. Check out our ideas, get a swag bag together for your confidante, and let's party with the pups! And don't forget the Blue Dog Bakery treats. Or the party hats!  

The Athlete:
This all-American, all-star dog will be over the moon to receive a fresh can of tennis balls. But consider yourself warned - your duty as an owner is to be fully prepared to spend hours in the park breaking them in! You'll want to keep their brain as active and healthy as their body, so once you're finished playing "throw" (because that's a real sport in a dog's mind), have them engage in a food puzzle or a scavenger hunt around the house. A tired dog is a happy dog, and these activities are guaranteed to result in a nice night of snoozing. 

The Diva Dog:
You might be asking yourself "What is a diva dog?". If you have one, you'll know. Trust us on this one. This little ball of spunk will be tickled pink to spend an entire day getting pampered at your local doggy salon. Go all out and treat them to a new blowout or haircut, followed by a fresh coat of paint on those perfectly groomed nails. And remember that no diva is complete without a jewel-crusted collar! 

The Couch Potato:
There's nothing quite like a day spent lounging in the sun, followed by lounging on the couch, followed by a nice head scratch and more lounging in front of the TV. This easy-to-please pooch will be perfectly satisfied sitting in a brand-new bed that has been perfectly positioned in front of the television for an Animal Planet marathon. Since no relaxation station is complete without a sufficient snack, serve them up what we like to call a "Pup Cup" - a small bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with their favorite Blue Dog Bakery treat! Make sure they know ahead of time that they will only be receiving this treatment for one day and then it's back to the real world! 

Energizer Doggy: 
You know all about this dog. They can play and play and then play some more. This one needs something that's going to keep him entertained for hours on end. Pick up a variety of entertaining and puzzling toys; like chew toys and Buster Cubes. We know this won't entertain your dog for a super long period of time, so we suggest taking your bundle of energy to a beach or an open field where there are LOTS of birds to chase. We can't think of a single hyperactive dog who doesn't love to show a bird who's boss. Or at least try to. It seems the birds always win. 

So there you have it. Our super professional (okay, maybe not so much) advice on how to please your pet on National Dog Day. And remember that If all else fails, you can always throw a puppy party and then please please please send us pictures!