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There's nothing quite like having a big backyard BBQ on Memorial Day - plates full of potato salad, an ice cold drink in your hand, and let's not forget the main attraction here…. grilled meat! Mmmm we can smell it now. 

It all sounds like fun & games, but there are many dangers for your pets when it comes to grilling that might not immediately come to your mind. Following the proper safety precautions can guarantee a fun-filled day of outdoor activities, relaxing in the sun, and, most importantly, eating! 

1. Fight temptation. We know it might be difficult, but try to keep your dog out of the cooking area (or at least away from the grill). The smell of grilling meat is a tempting aroma for everyone, but especially to your dogs, who are typically hungry, hungry carnivores. Hot surfaces, burning coals, sizzling meat, and a curious pet is not a combination that is likely to lead to a positive experience for anyone.  

2. Beat the heat. Usually by the time Memorial Day rolls around, the thermometer is reading a temperature you were beginning to think you'd never see again. Aside from taking care of yourselves and your children by using sunscreens and getting plenty of hydrating fluids, you should never ever forget that your dogs are hot and need care, too. Your dog can't shed that thick coat of hair and will need some special attention if you plan on keeping him outdoors all day. To avoid a heat stroke, make sure your pet has plenty of access to shady areas and a bowl that is constantly filled to the brim with ice water. 

3. Say no to food? You don't have to say no to any of the delicious dishes at your barbecue, but unfortunately, Fido does. Sorry, Fido. Here is a list of foods to keep your pet far, far away from: 
Bones. This might be a tough one since your dog loves gnawing on chew bones, but with so many people around, it will be hard to monitor the types of bones he is being given and how often. You'll be saving yourself a lot of grief by avoiding any fractured teeth, internal tears caused by bone splinters, and choking.

  • Avocados
  • Raw onions 
  • Grapes or raisins
  • Nuts
  • Dairy products

Now go enjoy your sun-filled backyard fun. And try not to make your dogs too jealous (Hint: Have lots of Blue dog Bakery doggy treats on-hand)!