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Dogs become a member of our families, which is why it's important to choose a breed that is a good fit for your family. When choosing a breed, there are factors to take into consideration: compatibility with children, affection towards people, accomodation for dogs, and fit within your family's lifestye. Whether you are searching for an energetic running mate or a gentle sweetheart, there is a match for every family.

Here are just few of the popular breeds that are known to be good family dogs:



You may have the image of drooling lips and hanging skin when you picture dulldogs, but they are known for their friendliness and openness towards people, as well as other pets. Although they are not the most energetic of the dogs, their mellow, patient personalities makes bulldogs the perfect match for children. Bulldogs are also tough, and can handle your children's ruff plays! Comfortable in most living conditions, bulldogs are great for families living in apartments or small houses.




Often named "nature's babysitter" for their sweet and protective love, newfoundlands fit well in families with small children. They are calm and obedient, with gentle and loyal personalities that make them loved by the young and the old. Two small concerns: they drool and they shed. Newfoundlands thrive best with families living in houses with large open spaces.


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the well-suited playmates for active children, as well as adults. Labs love being a member of the family, always desiring close human companionship and attention. They're playful, and their intelligent personalities make them one of America's favorite breeds. One caution - they love to eat, eat, and eat! If you don't keep watch their diet and level of exercise, they can easily become obese.

(psst...over 50% of dogs in the U.S. are obese!)





Happy Earth Day! Those of you with fur-babies can have an even bigger impact on our environment than you might think! Help to lower the carbon footprint and paint the world green by taking the opportunity to partake in a few (or all) of the following Earth Day activities with your pet. 

  • Using biodegradable plastic bags instead of plastic bags when picking up dog waste will help to minimize the amount of plastic in our landfills. 

  • Cut down on paper products to clean up accidents and spills around the house. Use rags or recycled paper towels instead. 

  • Read up on your pet's waste, including it's dangers, benefits, how it affects the environment, and whether or not you should compost your dog's waste.

  • Use natural flea control. In fact, go chemical free with everything from household cleaning products to pet shampoos. Look for products that do not contain any harmful pesticides and chemicals or consider using vinegar and water for your cleaning needs. 

  • Put your dog on a natural diet. Eating natural products that are free of preservatives and animal by-products is better for your dog's health and the planet. Definitely avoid meat by-products and corn meal, two of the bigger offenders, when searching for dog foods and treats. 

  • Organize a dog park clean-up. This eHow article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to organize a neighborhood cleanup and would likely work just as well for your dog park.

  • Buy in bulk, and, if you feed your pet canned food, get the biggest sized cans. Cutting down on all that packaging will also be more cost-efficient for you! And please, please, please recycle! 

  • Spay and neuter your pets to help reduce the epidemic of pet overpopulation. If you're thinking getting a new pet, consider rescuing from your local animal shelter to help reduce the carbon footprint!

How are you and your pets celebrating Earth Day? Drop us a quick email or send a photo to


We've taken some time to put together a few of our favorite pet blogs from the web for you to enjoy! These bloggers provide everything from pet tips, to DIY projects, to doggy deals & steals! 

Take a look at our list below and let us know what you think.

1. Sew Doggy Style

Sew Doggy Style specializes in adorable DIY projects for your pets. We can't get enough of the stylish DIY leashes, collars, and accessories this site has to offer. Currently being featured: Doggy Bunny Ears!!


2. Doggie Buddy

Full of product reviews, tips & tricks, dog facts, buying guides, contests, and more, Doggie Buddy is a catch-all blog for dog lovers! 


3. Dog Tipper

Featuring a new "Adoptable Dog of the Day" every day, product reviews, book recommendations, and upcoming doggy events, Dog Tipper has become one of the most well-known doggy blogs on the web. You can even browse through DIY dog food and treat recipes! 

4. Woof Woof Mama

With pet deals and coupons, product reviews, and giveaways galore, Woof Woof Mama is the blog spot to go when you're looking for a great pet bargain. They even do special blog posts for holidays - featuring free items, book downloads, diy projects, and more!