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Dogs LOVE to spend their time outside. As a parent of four-legged babies, you can provide the place and environment for your dogs to play freely in your own backyard. However, make sure you provide them with the basic essential needs. Here are just some tips you should think of when you are planning out your backyard. Whether you have an active dog or a lazy dog, keeping your backyard dog-friendly is the key to living with a happy and healthy dog.

The Essentials

First is the fence. Putting up a strong, stable fence will not only give boundaries for your dogs, but will also keep your dogs safe. Make sure they are not able to dig around or under the fence. We all love our dogs, and we would never want them to run away or get hurt. 


Next is shade. Most dogs enjoy sleeping in the sun, but establishing a shaded area will prevent your dogs from getting sunburned. Simply clearing out an area under the tree will be enough shade for your dog to spend time relaxing under.


Finally, do not forget about water. Whether it is a simple clean water bowl or a fancy running fountain, access to clean, fresh water is the most important feature. Just like humans, dogs can also become dehydrated without proper amounts of water. 



There are few cautions doggie parents must be aware of. The biggest one is toxic substance. Weed killers and certain types of fertilizers may contain chemicals that are harmful for your dogs. While we may not notice - because we do not eat grass or flowers in our yard - some dogs will nibble on plants outside. Try to limit the number of chemicals you use, and if chemicals are necessary, choose organic options. 


Just for Fun

Now that we have talked about the essentials and the caution, why not dream a little? Here are some dogtastic  ideas people came up with to transform their normal backyard into a dog's dream environment. (via Pinterest)

How about a peek of the outside world?








A pawsome water fountain?







How about going on an adventure through a tunnel?






This is not a normal dog house; it's a dog mansion!









And lastly, why not get a private doggie pool?
















Summer is the perfect time to spend with your dogs outside. You know how much dogs love the sun, but are you making sure you are protecting them from common summer hazards? Here are keywords you should keep in mind when you and your dog are enjoying summer: Car, Hydration, and Burns.



NEVER, leave your dog in the car! It does not matter how long or short you leave your dog; the temperature inside the vehicle can quickly rise in minutes. Even if you leave the car window open, the inside temprature can still be harmful for your dog. Dogs are not able to control body temperature like people. For dogs, their sweat glands are only located on their footpads and they must pant to lower their body temperature. 


Consequences of leaving your dog in the car include heatstroke, permanent organ damage, and even death. In addition, you may experience interrogations by the police and animal control. 

We may have done this at least once in the past, but in order to keep our precious furry friends safe, let's stop this bad habbit now, before it's too late!



Dehydration and heatstroke are common hazards of the summer heat. In order to prevent these from happening to your dog, make sure you keep them well hydrated. Always have access to fresh, clean water, and always carry portable water bowls for your dog.


Speaking of water, why not enjoy summer at the pool or the beach? Swimming and playing fetch in the water can help keep your dog cool. Also, who doesn't like a wet dog!




Just like people, dogs can also get sunburns, especially parts of their body with less fur. Most common areas vulnerable to burns are the nose, ears, belly, and the groin. Provide shade, and although your dog may love to sunbathe, make sure he/she dosen't spend too long under the sunshine. Sunblock is another option for skin protection; however, be sure to find one that is safe and non-toxic for your dog. 

The paw is another area of the body that is vulnerable to burns. Hot surfaces, such as sidewalks, streets, and sand can result in burned footpads and can be very painful for your dog. To avoid burned pads, adjust your walking schedule to cooler parts of the day, such as in the morning or at night. Also, let your dog walk on the grass, where the surface temperature is often cooler.


Keep these keywords and tips in mind, and go spend the best summer with your four-legged best friend!



Summer is almost here! Are you excited? Are you??! We sure are. There are so many fun activities to do in the summer and many of them can even involve your dog! Here is our pet-friendly summer guide to fun!

Take the entire family (including your dog) on a hike: 

A great way to get yourself and your pet active while enjoying the outdoors is to go on a quick hike. Find a pet-friendly trail in your area or, if you own your own land, you could even wander around your own property. Make a fun game of it by putting together a "treasure hunt" for your dog by burying his favorite treat or toy and helping him sniff it out!

Go for a dip: 

When the temperatures are high and you find that both you AND your dog are panting like… well, like dogs, then it's high time to cool yourselves off. Go for a refreshing dip in a lake, stream, pool, or even take a run through the sprinklers. Dogs enjoy water in the summer just as much as you do! You can even take along your dog's favorite toy to play fetch in the water. Just make sure it floats first or you'll have one sad pup on your hands.  

Go to the beach or the dog park: 

There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than watching your dog run free in an open space. He basically turns into a puppy again! It's awesome and adorable and you'll be so happy you took the time to get out into the fresh air. Whether you head to a beach, a dog park, or even a regular dog-friendly park, all you'll need to take are your tennis shoes and your dog's favorite toy (or stick). Oh, and don't forget your dog, of course!

Car rides and road trips: 

We recently wrote a blog post called Why Dogs Love Car Rides annnnnd you should probably read it. What dog doesn't love to stick their head out the window and spray slobber on the cars behind you while you're going full speed? We'll tell you…. there is NO dog that doesn't love a good car ride. At least no dog we've ever seen. 

Make "Pup"sicles: 

Everyone loves having a cool, sweet treat on a hot summer day. Making pet-friendly versions of popsicles by blending and freezing fresh fruits, juices, and yogurts is so super easy. Modern Dog has some pup-approved variations on their website that include:

  • Peanut butter, banana, apple juice, and yogurt
  • Watermelon, strawberry, pineapple juice and yogurt

The best part? These can double as a dessert for both you AND your four-legged friends. Unless you end up making a more savory, chicken broth flavored 'cicle. We suggest you skip that one and let Fido have all the fun to himself. 

Go camping: 

You pretty much knock out several other items of our list when you take your dog camping. You can hike, go swimming, visit beaches and parks, and even take a road trip to your camping location. That will make one happy doggy right there! Plus, think of the amazing fetching sticks you'll find! 

Whatever you choose to do, please don't forget to take lots of breaks, have plenty of water available, and try to avoid extreme activities during the hottest parts of the day…. for the health of both you and your pet.