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Blue Dog Bakery attended Woofstock in Toronto, Ontario  on May 24, 2014. Here is what Brand Ambassador, Marina Sarovic , had to say about the day!

"The morning of Saturday May 24th was the beginning of a 2-day dog festival called "Woofstock." The event was held at the beautiful Woodbine Park in Toronto, Canada. By 10AM tents were set up all over the park, and dogs, with their respective dog owners, were beginning to fill up the grounds. The weather was perfect as our team of Brand Ambassadors started talking to people who came to visit the Blue Dog Bakery booth; whose yellow booth stood out amongst the sea of the plain white tents. Visitors were happily taking samples of Blue Dog Bakery's all natural, human-grade, fresh baked in the USA treats. Dog owners over the course of this weekend really displayed how much they cared for their pets; asking questions about ingredients, allergens, and even factory location.

A question that came up quite often was one in regards to the human-grade ingredients. Countless times we were asked whether we would eat them to which we replied "Of course" and took a bite! Some visitors immediately threw a treat in their mouths to try it after hearing that these treats are made on the same line as cookies for people. "If it is good enough for my dog, it is good enough for me!" joked one of the visitors. At one point there was a circle of five or six visitors and brand ambassadors all munching down on dog treats—could you imagine?? People who tried the treats noted that they are low in sugar and do not taste bad at all and definitely smell great compared to other dog foods that are on the market.

Amidst this very crowded weekend, we saw another crowd break out on Saturday. Olivia Chow, a currently running mayoral candidate for Toronto, came through to visit Woofstock and ended up coming by our booth. She was very busy answering questions regarding the election, but she told us how she loves dogs and had three throughout her life and some took pictures with us!

Other great moments we captured in pictures are puppies putting their paws up on the table to reach our samples! It was an amazing fun filled sunny weekend with lots of smiles and happy puppies!"

 - Marina Sarovic, Blue Dog Bakery Brand Ambassador



Blue Dog Bakery attended the Mighty Texas Dog Walk in Austin, Texas on May 17, 2014. Here is what Brand Ambassador, Dallon Garrett, had to say about the day!

"The Mighty Texas Dog Walk was a great success! There were tons of people, dogs in crazy outfits, and it was busy, busy, busy all day! There were all sorts of prizes, contests, giveaways and more. They even had a trip to NY to meet Rachael Ray that was being given away! Elvis and Marilyn Monroe showed up, the Round Rock dance team put on a show, and we almost broke the previous world record for the largest ball of fur. Don't worry...we still hold the previous title!

Everyone was lined up at the Blue Dog Bakery booth to receive their free treats and to sign their emails up for Blue Dog Bakery’s email newsletter. Our booth was surrounded all day and it was probably because of the fact that not only do Austinites love natural products for themselves but they love them for their pets as well. Many of the attendees had lots of questions and were fascinated with our product and some of them even wanted to buy our bright yellow t-shirts!

All in all it was a crazy fun day for dogs and dog lovers to mingle and it went by so fast. Blue Dog Bakery was one of the busiest booths at the event and people couldn't wait to hear more about us. Austin fell in love with Blue Dog Bakery at Mighty Texas Dog Walk and it’s events like these that help “Keep Austin Weird!”"

 -Dallon Garrett, Blue Dog Bakery Brand Ambassador



On May 17, 2014 Blue Dog Bakery attended the Bark in the Park event in St. Louis, Missouri. Brand Ambassador, Michaelle Write, put together this awesome event recap for us!

"The clouds opened up and let the sun shine down just in time for the 21st Annual Bark in the Park event held at Forest Park in St. Louis, MO on May 17, 2014. The weather was beautiful and thousands of dogs, owners and pet lovers alike came out to enjoy the event.

The day consisted of many events and fun for the entire family. There was a Pancake Breakfast, 5K Race, Dog Show, 1 Miles Fun Walk, and Pet Contests with categories like Ugliest Mug, Shortest Legs, and Sloppiest Kisser.  It was incredible to see over $78,000 raised for the Humane Society of Missouri and the Animal Cruelty Fund. This was definitely a day dedicated to our dogs. They were showered all day with toys, games, and treats – including those from Blue Dog Bakery.

The Blue Dog Bakery table was an event highlight. The bright yellow Blue Dog Bakery shirts and the bags filled with product were hard to miss and many event goers specifically searched us out for samples and a free treat for their pet! Even those dogs that were labeled as “picky eaters” by their owners devoured the scrumptious treats. Pet owners were very thrilled when they learned that the grocery stores that they always go to now sell Blue Dog Bakery. We also met many customers who were already loyal to Blue Dog Bakery. Our presence at such a great event in St. Louis was greatly appreciated and they were especially thankful that we were handing out coupons! Overall, it was a perfect day and a perfect activation and I can’t wait for the next one! Blue Dog Bakery hopes to see you next year on May 16, 2015 for the 22nd Annual Bark in the Park!"

-Michelle Wright, Blue Dog Bakery Brand Ambassador