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Supermarket News Category Excellence Awards October 2010

 Blue Dog Bakery is raising awareness about its treats that are baked with 100% natural ingredients and no animal by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, by distributing samples at community events.


HUGE recalls bludgeoning the pet food category earlier this year highlighted the importance of safe, healthy, and natural ingredients in pet food. Blue Dog Bakery has been using such ingredients in its dog treats from the company’s inception in 1998, helping to reshape the pet category in the process. 

Blue Dog Bakery also pioneered the mainstream acceptance of functional pet treats containing antioxidants, glucosamine, and condroitin, among other nutritional benefits. Realizing that the shoppers for natural dog treats will go to great lengths to get their preferred products, even if it means visiting other stores, Blue Dog has expanded its item selection to include new 16-ounce Live Well Peanut Butter Dog Treats to further satisfy consumer and retailer needs for such offerings.

Since adding Blue Dog Bakery to their pet treat assortment, two national grocery chains have increased category sales by 33.27 percent and 40.08 percent year to date, respectively. The company itself experienced a sales increase of 28 percent in 2006, and is on track to grow sales by 32 percent this year.


2006 Award for Best Dog Treat - Blue Dog Bakery: Softies

These dog treats pass the people test: They look pretty good and even smell okay. More importantly, dogs love them and they hit every upscale dog treat trend you can name: natural, low in fat, and no animal byproducts, preservatives, artificial colors, or additives. A lot of major supermarkets carry them already, as well as natural food and pet stores. Their chewy texture, highquality ingredients, and fancy flavors are apparently prompting some dog owners to enjoy them along with their dogs, for example, on a hiking trail. And after all, how can you go wrong with a dog treat maker that quotes Gandhi in its marketing messages?



2006 Honor Role Award Captains of Industry - Best Pet Care Company


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