We make all of our treats and packaging in the USA.

We source almost all of our high-quality ingredients from the United States. There are some ingredients that are not commonly produced in the United States and not available in meaningful quantities from suppliers in North America, for example spices and sustainable palm oil. For these specialty ingredients we go to great lengths to find the most responsible options and make sure each supplier meets our standards for quality and environmental responsibility. We do not source any ingredients from China and never use ingredients that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

If you are unable to find a specific treat at your local store please check our Where to Buy page for other retailers in your area that may carry our products. You can also shop our treats online at Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, and Target.

Serving size varies based on the size, exercise level, and health condition of your dog. We encourage you to speak with your veterinarian regarding recommended daily servings. Please note that treats should always be used as a snack or reward and never as a meal replacement. Always remember to provide plenty of fresh water and monitor your dog while treating.

All ingredient and nutritional information can be found on our Treat page.

We have a full line of product offerings with various recipes so please see the Treat page for the full ingredient list. The majority of our crunchy and soft & chewy treats are vegetarian (with the exception of our MarrowBakes™). They use natural flavors to achieve the desired taste in each formula and would be safe for dogs with meat allergies. Our ingredient panels meet AAFCO labeling standards with all ingredients clearly called out and listed in descending order of inclusion. Please double check the ingredients for your dog’s safety.

Yes, we have several wheat-free and grain-free options. For more information on ingredient decks and nutritional panels, please visit their Treat pages.
Grain-Free & Wheat-Free
● More Crunch™ Grain Free Peanut Butter Flavor with Molasses Biscuits
● Doggie Paws Grain Free Peanut Butter Flavor with Molasses Biscuits
● Beef Sticks
● Chicken Sticks
● Beef Bites
● Chicken Bites
Wheat-Free Treats
● Perfect Trainers® Chicken & Cheese Flavors

More Crunch™ and Doggie Paws biscuits use a natural flavoring where the peanut allergen is removed. These treats should be safe for dogs and humans with a peanut allergy. The only treat that uses real peanut butter is our Softies. Please note that our baking facility is not certified nut-free. While all of our equipment is sanitized in order to avoid cross-contamination, if you or your dog have a severe allergy to any trace of nuts, please do not attempt to consume our treats.

Xylitol is a sweetener often used in many human products; however, our peanut butter flavor does not contain any added sweeteners.

The “white bits” are oats or oatmeal that are used in our recipes. Since we use all-natural and wholesome ingredients, you may see differences in color or size from time to time including whole oats landing at the top of the treat when it bakes. While these treats may look different, it does not affect the quality or taste of the treat.

Blue Dog Bakery treats are made with all-natural, Non-GMO ingredients. We never use artificial colors or bleached ingredients to control the exact color of our treats. This means you may see a color variation in our treats from time to time. For example, our grains can be lighter or darker in color depending on the time of harvest or the geography of the farm here in the USA. This is completely normal and in no way should affect the taste and quality of the treats.